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The Jim House Show – Episode 21 | Katie Hoff

I want to start this episode by painting a picture,  so I need you—Beloved Listeners—to imagine with me for a minute that you are a highly competitive athlete…

Imagine that you have become a dominant force in your sport, and you qualified to represent the United States at the Olympic Games as part of Team USA

You Are now, and forever will be, an Olympian!

(Of course, if you’re listening in from a different part of the world—please feel free to substitute in your own country.)

Now, you can only compete at the Olympic Games every four years, but every year the world’s best athletes gather to compete at the World Championships

These athletes from around the world have dedicated their entire lives to the obsessive pursuit of one thing… to become the best they possibly can be at their event.

And they get to compete head to head to see who among them is truly  the Best

Imagine now that you gave it your all, and you bested ALL of those top athletes to become the best in the World.

You can now, and forever, say that you’re a World champion.

Now imagine that you crushed it while competing at the Olympic games and after your event, you get to stand on the podium in front of the whole world.

As you stand there, a member of the International Olympic Committee walks up to you and you lean forward so that they can place a medal around your neck.

You are now, and forever will be, an Olympic medalist!

Or imagine that after a lifetime of relentless hard work, training, and sacrifice—a regimen that has to be experienced to be truly understood.

Imagine that one day you rose beyond the mythical peak of your ability and delivered an athletic performance that tops all others before you.

You enter that rarified air where you became the first athlete on the entire planet to do what no human has ever done before… you set a WORD RECORD.

You were not just the best on a certain day, in a certain race or event, you were the best there’s EVER been!

You are now, and forever will be, a World Record Holder!

That would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it?  I have fun just imagining it!

Most athletes would be proud to have any ONE of these accomplishments as the

crowning achievement of their athletic career.

But now imagine that as an Elite athlete… you achieved ALL 4 of those levels of success.

That’s just CRAZY

and That’s exactly what my Guest today did

And not just once, but multiple times.

Katie Hoff is a

2x Olympian

3x Olympic Medalist

8x World Champion

And she set 2 World records

It’s so easy to let those staggering accomplishments go unappreciated for what they truly mean…  that’s why I wanted you to take the time to visualize each one with me.

And, she’s also the author of Blueprint: An Olympian’s Story of Striving, Adapting, and Embracing the Suck

Leading up to the 2008 Summer Games, The world press was relentless in creating massive hype around Katie and compared her to Michael Phelps.

In her book she writes, “Finishing second at the Olympics means you win a silver medal, and for most people, winning a silver medal at the  Olympics would rank high among the greatest achievements of their lives.

But if people are calling you ‘the female Phelps,’” in  the eyes of the world, all finishing second means is —you lost.”

“Seven-hundredths of a second. That’s what separates Katie  Hoff, Olympic medalist from Katie Hoff, Olympic champion.”

In this remarkably vulnerable conversation, Katie talks about the HYPE and Expectations that the worldwide media had placed on her going into the 2008 games…and the color of the medals she walked away with.

And Katie candidly reveals how she now reframes any sense of failure, how she’s learned to “Embrace the suck”  in life on dry land, and the gifts that have come from learning to be fearless.

And she has some great advice for all parents—not just the parents of serious athletes.

So tighten up your goggles and let’s dive in!

The Jim House Show
The Jim House Show
The Jim House Show – Episode 21 | Katie Hoff