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Introducing the “Experiences Are Everything” Podcast

Lauren Ramsey

What inspired this series of conversations with women?  Life experiences.  During this episode, Lauren Ramsey, host of the Experiences Are Everything podcast discusses the inspiration for the podcast and gives us a glimpse into future episodes’ content.

A little about the XREV podcast host – Lauren Ramsey.

She is intensely curious and loves to learn and collaborate with people.  Lauren seeks out big tasks and looks for creative ways to solve them.  She in an investor in multiple startups and serves as an Equity Partner in a boutique venture firm working with numerous brands across a variety of industries, cultivating relationships to advance strategies and accelerate revenue.  Lauren is an experienced business executive with demonstrated success as an intra and entrepreneur.  She spent 25 years in the tech industry serving customers in the Enterprise and Mid-market segment across every industry giving her a unique and diverse background.

In addition to being married and raising four kids, she loves to challenge herself mentally and physically by participating in endurance sports and other athletic feats.   Lauren fully embraces that life is journey and is always adding experiences to her life resume.  Her goal for the podcast is for women to share lessons learned, failures and knowledge gained over the course of a lifetime with the ultimate goal of encouraging other females to go out an experience life to the fullest. Lauren’s hope is that you will feel inspired to create experiences for yourself on a daily basis, allow your past experiences to provide you the confidence and wisdom that you have earned and encourage you to be excited for all the experiences that lie ahead.







Introducing the “Experiences Are Everything” Podcast
Experiences Are Everything Podcast

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