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Episode 5 – Come Sail Away with Angela Rhoton

Show Notes

Most people, when they get bored or tired of their job, they book a long vacation. Maybe they even start looking around for other jobs. This week, we talk to a good friend of mine who decided that the best way to break he monotony of American life was to leave her hometown in the US and sail a boat across Europe… for 3 years! Angela has a wealth of experiences and some amazing stories from her career, her travels, and her return to the US.

1:32 – Introducing Angela

9:16 – Is turning 50 a big deal?

10:27 – Growing up in small-town Tennessee

18:45 – High school

25:03 – Navigating college

29:25 – Pivoting from a PhD in Biology to working for Microsoft

35:30 – Being a woman in the IT industry

37:15 – Deciding to leave the US and live on a boat in Europe

45:25 – Moving back to the US and finding new ways to occupy time

54:38 – Deciding to go gray

Thank you so much, Angela, for appearing on the podcast!

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Experiences Are Everything Podcast
Episode 5 - Come Sail Away with Angela Rhoton