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CC EP9: Time To Make Your Mark: Anne Alexander

Allison Hare October 30, 2020

Anne Alexander has a successful career as a best selling author and former editor for National Geographic & Mindful Magazine. Today Anne is focused on “Soul Candy”, her new personal project were she shares all that she has learned  throughout her life and professional career.

Show breakdown:

  • Anne’s background [3:30]
  • Soul Candy [6:20]
  • Time to make your mark [9:40]
  • Anne’s new formats [11:30]
  • Mindfulness = Being aware of your thoughts and feelings [14:20]
  • Finding your purpose [19:29]
  • Writing as a way to communicate [26:45]
  • The type of house Anne grew up in [33:00]
  • The intention behind Soul Candy [38:01]
  • The practice of Mindfulness [43:40]


Quotes from Anne Alexander: 

  • “Soul Candy is in some ways this sort of voice that says you can do it, you’ve got something inside or a view that you can give birth to…”
  • “Weight loss is a metaphor… It’s like, what do you need to let go of in order for your real self, that self that you see inside of you, to emerge”
  • “It’s a way of disservice if you don’t hand people also the tools… A core element of Soul Candy has to be providing people with insights, tools and practices so they can adopt whatever is they need to”
  • “So often we are being driven by our thoughts and our feelings and we are being reactive and it takes a while to sift through”
  • “I think purpose is something that evolves over time and it also itirates” 
  • “We grow up and we ask children these ridiculous questions: what do you want to be when you grow up? How is a kid going to know that… Better to say what do you enjoy doing? What problem do you want to solve? Or what do you like to do? What draws you towards it?”
  • “When we’re not struggling is almost when we’ve gotten a little dead or we’re too far in our comfort zone”
  • “Moving bands go both ways… You can try things, maybe they will work out or maybe they won’t, but just try”

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CC EP9: Time To Make Your Mark: Anne Alexander