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CC EP8: When A Girl Raises Her Voice – Rachael Laya & Cyla Hoffman

Culture Changers Podcast with Allison Hare

Host Allison Hare talks to the rising mother-daughter duo, co-hosts of the revolutionary She Sounds Like Me Podcast. Mama Rachael Laya and 7 year old daughter Cyla Grace talk all about the power of a girl’s voice.


Show breakdown:


  • The Manifestation Masters [4:13]
  • Cyla’s artistic career [8:00]
  • Impact of the voice over platform in raising a girl [10:02]
  • The idea behind She Sounds Like Me Podcast [12:42]
  • Cyla’s need to use her voice at 5 years old [19:33]
  • How can parents listen to their kids and have a safe dialogue with them [25:58]
  • Cyla’s unschooling (homeschool curriculum) [27:50]
  • Protecting the privacy of a working 7 year old girl [31:14]
  • What Cyla’s friends think [36:16]




  • When you least expect it some things start to fall into place – Rachael Laya Hoffman
  • I’m just expressing my heart – Cyla Grace Hoffman
  • I think is our job as parents to kind of nurture what guides them and try not to get our own ego on the way – RLH
  • It really came to be about being able to teach her that her voice could be heard and that it mattered – RLH
  • I was so sick of being told what to do by experts and mommy bloggers and I am not any of those things and I couldn’t relate and the thing that was missing the most was what were their kids saying… What was the result? – RLH
  • I know in my heart that gratitude raises us up – RLH
  • I am no pro, I don’t have a degree, I’m not a Guru, I’m not a teacher, I’m just a mom and I’m genuinely interested in what she has to say and I only have one time to get it right – RLH


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The Culture Changers Podcast
CC EP8: When A Girl Raises Her Voice - Rachael Laya & Cyla Hoffman