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CC EP7: Most Connected Millennial – Jared Kleinert

Culture Changers Podcast with Allison Hare: Jared Kleinert

EP7: Most Connected Millennial

Host: Allison Hare

Guest: Jared Kleinert

Show breakdown:

  • How it all started for Jared [3:36]
  • Discussion about The Thiel Fellowship [8:18]
  • Jared’s “Meeting Of The Minds” [14:39]
  • Millennials… The first generation with global connectivity [20:07]
  • Aligning financial incentives with mission incentives [26:08]
  • Being a “Super Connector” [29:49]
  • Gender and racial balance in “Meeting Of The Minds” [36:08]
  • Surrounding yourself with people with high integrity and diverse expertise [38:40]
  • The risk-reward outlook [43:00]
  • One thing Jared Kleinert would do differently [47:50]

Quotes from Jared Kleinert: 


  • “By 20 I had my own consulting business that was profitable, revenue generating with amazing clients. I had done a TED Talk, had done a TEDx Talk, had a book out and a second on the way… College just wasn’t for me!” 


  • “I was driven by escaping the vicious cycle of normalcy”


  • “My mission these days is to establish as many “Meetings Of The Minds” as possible, where you get a diverse group of people to solve a problem and scale a solution’


  • “Individuals today have more power than governments, corporations and what the uber wealthy had 25 or 50 years ago”


  • “Yes, it was easier for me foundationally. I can’t control that. I can only attempt to be an advocate for those who are disenfranchised and attempt to even the playing field and use my privilege”


  • “We still have more work to do. The way to approach this conversation is to see how you can do better if you haven’t been amazing in the past”


  • “If that’s a hard road to go down to then maybe don’t think of a “cold email”, for example, as a confidence challenge maybe think about it as a risk-reward ratio”


  • “We are seeing a shift away from higher education being the only path”

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CC EP7: Most Connected Millennial - Jared Kleinert