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CC EP10: The Practice – Seth Godin

Culture Changers Podcast with Allison Hare

Host Allison Hare interviews a giant in the world of ideas: Seth Godin: entrepreneur, global teacher, speaker & author of 19 best-selling books including The Dip, Purple Cow and his new book, The Practice. Through his books, blogs, altMBA & Akimbo Workshops Seth is teaching people all around the world how to see things in a new way and make an impact.


Show breakdown:

The voice of a community [3:30]

Discipline as the start point [5:10]

Teaching in parables  [10:30]

Cultural upheaval [13:50]

Seth Godin’s topics [17:40]

Perfectionism or fear? [24:32]

What is school for? [32:04]

Hardwired to fit in [37:58]



“When you give people a microphone they are going to do something with it” – Seth Godin

“We do the work and then we feel the flow… we feel inspired” – Seth Godin

“Find your practice, find your discipline and put it in a place where the rest of the world isn’t trying to stop you” – Seth Godin

“Social Media is engineered to make us feel bad” – Seth Godin

“We need your bad ideas because then the good ones come out” – Allison Hare

“The way we shift attitude is by doing something, not taking a test about it” – Seth Godin

“I believe that when you start acting like the person you hope to be is the only way you become the person you hope to be” – Seth Godin

“The practice is what’s missing from people; Not lightning, not the muse, not any magical power… Just the practice” – Seth Godin


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The Culture Changers Podcast
CC EP10: The Practice - Seth Godin